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“Many of the pages of these sites do offer teachers a way to have these very complicated conversations with kids and teens who may be in difficult relationships or in danger,” Fails said.

When it came for the board to vote that last point resonated with school board member Sharon Mc Connell, who said she is a survivor of sexual violence.

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The scene is wet and breezy in Fairbanks today, as showers move quickly through the area on a brisk westerly flow.

And board member Mike O’Brien said the sites addressed contemporary needs.

“When I was in school to be gay was to either suffer in silence or maybe to kill yourself,” O’Brien said. Sean Williams didn’t disagree but pointed to explicit content on the Planned Parenthood site which is contrary to proposed school policies.

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The idea was the educators could submit parts of the websites for school board approval, but teachers couldn’t exercise their own judgement.

Because of the lengthy public testimony, it was the only substantive issue the board addressed before adjourning.

Heidi Mc Kinney, 27, of suburban Portland, was arrested May 8, 2016, after the Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas landed at Portland International Airport. The 27-year-old eventually completed an inpatient treatment program in June.

The victim at the time told authorities she had been touched on the breast and genitals by another female passenger. At the time of the May 2016 incident, court documents say Mc Kinney first took her seat in the victim’s row and placed her hands on the female passenger’s chest, “allowing her hands to linger there uncomfortably.” After the plane took off from Las Vegas, prosecutors said Mc Kinney pressured the victim to drink liquor that was smuggled onto the plane, then threw the bottle into the victim's lap.

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A federal grand jury originally indicted Mc Kinney on a charge of abusive sexual contact. “Miss Mc Kinney did so with the intent to humiliate and harass the victim,” Assistant U. The 27-year-old began licking the victim's ear, court documents say, before grabbing her hands and attempting to place her hands on the victim's crotch 3 separate times.

Some teachers found that confusing, since the board has approved other websites, so on Jan. Those who testified like Stephanie Braygo, a parent and secondary health teacher, wondered why the district was not following its own policy.